Our Farm
​​​We are a small family owned and operated farm. Currently we are milking a small herd Jersey, Norwegian Red and Jersey Cross cows. 
We practice only organic farming methods. Our cows graze in the pasture in the warmer months, and are kept in the barn and fed hay in the winter months (going outside daily for exercise).

Our Farm is permitted with New York State Ag and Markets to produce and sell raw milk. Our milk and cow's are tested once a month by New York State and QMPS for quality assurance.

Our Girls
​​​​​​We are currently milking a small herd of six Jersey, Jersey Cross and Norwegian Red cows.  We have started to transition our heard to Norwegian Red & Jersey Cross cows with the A2 genetics.  The cross-breed cows are a little bigger than a full jersey and are high in protein and butterfat.  Cross-breed cows also have the benefit of hybrid vigor, which makes for a healthier cow. 

 Raw Milk
Grass Fed Dairy
Grass fed cows versus Grain fed cows or conventional feeding:

Not all raw milk is the same.  Clean raw milk from grass fed cows has many health benefits.

Milk from grass fed cows is higher in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, and enzymes (antibodies). Additionally, raw milk has beneficial bacteria making it easier for the body to digest.  

​​​​​  On our farm we prefer to call our milk "uncooked" or unpasteurized. The term "raw" implies that milk should be cooked. Pasteurization or "cooking" your milk is a heating process that destroys bacteria (good & bad) and alters enzymes.


Grass Fed Dairy